Sires of the 2022 lambs joined to elite ewes



Kiandra 200358

358 has an outstanding combination of modern traits, high indexes across the board, trait leading carcass figures. Plus low micron, top quality, high rainfall. He also comes with A1 structural soundness which ensures longevity  in your ewe flock.

Semen used in 4 studs across Australia providing excellent accuracies in his ASBVs.

Kiandra 200065

65 is a great example of a modern maternal sire, open faced, bare legs and breech cover. With a 8.882 wwt and 10.08 pwt puts him above the top 1% of merinos for these traits. This will enable ewe lambs to reach joinable weights at 6 months of age. His high rainfall nourished wool sits at 21.12 ysl (Top 5%) for staple length. Semen used in 3 studs and was entered in the 2022 SA Sire evaluation.

Mumblebone 201866

1866 is twin born and raised out of a maiden ewe. He performs highly in health and welfare traits, leading IMF and ShearFS plus 2.97 yemd and 2.17 yfat which will impact our stud for years to come.

Mumblebone 191085

A round bodied well muscled ram with low wec, low dag, low early breech wrinkle and high carcass traits. His ASBVs for eating quality 0.68 ( Top 5% ) and –0.41 ( Top 20% ), finishes off the genetic package.

Moojepin 201691

Born from to a ewe lamb, he is the only sire in Australia with top end ASBVs for wwt, pwt, ebwr, ebrc, yemd, yfat, ysl, and ynlw.

A Structurally sound, long bodied ram.


Kiandra 150734

Kiandra 191564

Ella Matta 190110

Glenlea Park 190190

Mixed Aged


Kiandra 200257

Kiandra 200321

Wallaloo Park 180026

Wallaloo Park 190539

Kerin Poll 203495

Kiandra 150734

Very good structured lambs with a great combination of early growth, eye muscle, fat and fleece weights. These lambs have trait leading wec ASBVs in their pedigree

Kiandra 191564

Massive ASBV for indexes, top 5%, low micron ad high growth

Kiandra 180330

Large framed, meaty ram, with length and depth of body.

Kiandra 180307

Eye catching fibre, with great length of body.

Wallaloo Park 180026

Very bold, long stapled wool. He weighed 130 kg with lambs teeth. Trait leading early growth.

Merinotech 188003.

Trait leading ram for growth, muscle, fat, fleece weight and nlw.

Kiandra 170995

Solid, deep bodied and plenty of wool.

Mumblebone 191085

Ram with a package of ASBV traits, growth, eye muscle, fat and meat eating quality.

Merinotech 199048 

Curve bender for muscle, fat, NLW, wool quality and staple length as well as meat eating quality