Joining will commence on feburary 1st 2020. All stud ewes are run past the panel reader, to be identified and allocated to individual sires. There is approximately 600 stud ewes to join to 8 rams. Ratio of 1 to 75 ewes. They will be single sire joined for 3 weeks then ran together and backed up with the same sires for 2 weeks which will have sire harnesses on.


Sires of the 2019 lambs:



Kiandra 150734

Very good structured lambs with a great combination of early growth, eye muscle, fat and fleece weights. These lambs have trait leading wec ASBVs in their pedigree.

Kiandra 170043

With this ram being a son of 150734, these lambs are very similar. Early growth, eye muscle, fat and fleece weights.

Kiandra 170906

Thick set lambs with a loose pliable skin. Their sire is from an outstanding wool quality family and these lambs are expressing very bold long stapled fibre.


Kiandra 180108

Classy fibre, with balanced wool and meat traits

Kiandra 180303

Large framed, meaty ram, with length and depth of body.

Kiandra 180307

Eye catching fibre, with great length of body.

Wallaloo Park 180026

Very bold, long stapled wool. He weighed 130 kg with lambs teeth. Trait leading early growth.

Merinotech 188003.

Trait leading ram for growth, muscle, fat, fleece weight and nlw.

Petali 180666

Serious growth ASBV's is what this rams about
PWT: 12.5

YWT: 18.5 

Kiandra 170995

Solid, deep bodied and plenty of wool.